Female Sexual Arousal Disorder

Topics: Sexual arousal, Sexual intercourse, Orgasm Pages: 2 (796 words) Published: March 6, 2013
Female Sexual Arousal Disorder
Donna Lindley
March 3, 2013
Christina Lakeman

There are many different disorders that a person can have and one common disorder is female sexual arousal disorder. This is the second most common sexual dysfunction in women. ("Female Sexual Arousal Disorder", 2013). There are many women who suffer from the dysfunction. Sexual arousal in women can be broken into three categories, genital arousal disorder, subjective arousal disorder, and combined arousal disorder. When a woman has a hard time getting aroused it can cause many problems in her relationship if it is not addressed properly. Some symptoms of the arousal disorder in women are the inability to become sexually excited, can’t reach orgasm, and dryness in the vaginal area. A sexual disorder can happen in women of all ages but it is found most often in women going through menopause. It is often due to a hormonal issue. When a female lacks in the estrogen it increases the lack of sexual arousal. The age in which a woman is more prone to sexual dysfunctions does vary depending on when menopause occurs for her. Medication can also play a part in a woman who has issues with sex. There are many medications that can decrease the sex drive of a woman, even something as simple as blood pressure medication. A sexual arousal disorder can also be a psychological issue as well that may need treatment from a psychologist. Prolonged illnesses such as diabetes, multiple sclerosis, and vascular disease can lead to genital arousal disorder by causing peripheral neuropathy and decrease/loss of genital sensation. ("Female Sexual Arousal Disorder", 2013). When a person suspects they may have a problem such as an arousal issue they are put through several tests to diagnose it. They start the screening process by you having to discuss your sexual and medical history with your Dr. so he or she can get a better understanding on what the issues really are, then a pelvic exam is...
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