Female Serial Killers

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  • Published : May 16, 2013
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Female Serial Killers
When you think of serial killers who are the first people that come to mind? Some of the names may be Charles Manson, Albert Fish, or even Ted Bundy. All of whom are notorious serial killers that have somehow made names for themselves in the world of crime. Crimes coming from some of these men are often expected. We almost never consider that women are also capable of committing these vile misdeeds as well. Despite being ignored by society, female serial killers are some of the most brutal and most precise killers. The fascinating thing about women is that they often tend to not possess the common characteristics of a serial killer that a male tends to show earlier on in life. Although not always fully acknowledged, there are many early signs of a potential serial killer. These later become the characteristics of a serial killer. The most common characteristic of a serial killer is animal abuse. This particular characteristic is commonly seen during a serial killers childhood. Many serial killers see this as “practice”. Psychiatrists describe this early sign of killing as a mental disorder that should not be ignored. Another highly common characteristic of serial killer is a person who enjoys starting fires, otherwise known as Pyromaniacs. The people that possess this characteristic tend to get sexually aroused just from starting a fire. A well-known Pyromaniac was Joseph Kallinger who described starting a fire as a heavenly pleasure. Also a common characteristic would be bed wetting. Many serial killers tend to wet the bed past adolescence. Kenneth Bianchi, an American serial killer, spent most of his adulthood wetting the bed. A broken home has been noted to be a characteristic of a serial killer. Growing up father-less or mother-less highly affects a young soon-to-be serial killer’s life. Female serial killers share only some of these characteristics such as animal abuse. Women tend not to show characteristics until later on in life....
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