Female Novelists in 19th Century England

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  • Published : December 28, 2012
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In the 19th century the industrial revolution transformed the life in England. People were moved from the countryside to the towns, which change their life from working in farming to working in industry. It was the time that the worker class appears and the middle class arise. In the middle class family, the father was the head, the wife was mainly working at home and take caring of their children and even if she work at home, the money that she earned belonged directly to the husband. Woman was gets their education at home, and they take the newspaper, advices books for housekeeping and novels as an entertainment tools. Novels were written as a form of entertainment for women. One of the famous novelists is Elizabeth Cleghorn; which became Elizabeth Gaskell after her marriage.

Elizabeth Gaskell is one of the famous writers in the 19th century. She was good in picturing the life of that era, and showing the life of each class in details. Her first novel is Cranford. But what I'm going to write about is North and South. It is one of my favorite novels because of its strength and because of the atmosphere that the novel has developed it throughout the chapters. It was published in 22 chapters.

The main sitting in the novel is in the town of Milton Northern; in the North of England. At first, it shows the life in the south of England and how it's simple and how the nature is pure; not destroyed by the industrial-era which was in the north. Then she moved to describe the life in North as the main character Ms. Margaret Hale moved to the North because of her father's religious matters. She starts describe the atmosphere of London and how it was crowded and filthy. She also describes the differences between classes, and how the low and worker class was treated badly.

The main character in this novel is Margaret Hale. She is one of the strongest female characters in the English literature. She may not as good as Elizabeth Bennet in Pride and...
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