Female Masculinity

Topics: Gender, Transgender, Gender role Pages: 3 (934 words) Published: April 4, 2011
Female Masculinity
Throughout the world, countries and cultures are struggling with the idea of queer. The problem is that the United States and many countries live with the concept of patriarchy. Patriarchy is a social constructed structure to organize people to live in a gender binary society. The gender binary is the constructed gender roles that men and women are expected to do in which it affects the everyday lives of queers and it doesn’t allow them to freely express who they truly are. Historically, white heterosexual males and heterosexual families are the ideal model and are those in higher power. The book Drag King Dreams, is a story of a group of queer friends in New York and the struggles they encounter for being queer. Leslie Feinberg starts the book with Max and Vickie encountering a fight at the train station with a guy who was harassing them. Max walks home while Vickie catches the train but the next morning Vickie is found dead. Vickie isn’t the only that has been murdered. There have been several murders and people disappearing without any answers of as why. Hatem, Max’s Arabic friend is missing. Max and Hatem became friends because they have common struggles of being oppressed. The police don’t do anything to investigate any of these cases but instead harass people. Police throughout the book were agents of oppression. Along with Feingberg, Judith Halberstam in "Intriduction to Female Masculinity" talks about the numerous of obstacles queers encounter. One of the obstacles Halberstam really focuses on is the "bathroom problem." I found this part very interesting because I've never really thought about it. The bathroom problem flourishes these gender binary structure. Halberstam talks about several different awkward incidents that took place in public bathrooms. She gives an example from Stone Butch Stones by Leslie Feinberg in which is a narrative of a he-she name Jess. Jess needs to use the public bathroom and doesn't want to but has to....
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