Female Magazine

Topics: Magazine, Educational psychology, Psychology Pages: 2 (571 words) Published: April 23, 2013
PSY 2110-10
March, 29, 2011
Female Magazines
I read a magazine call “GL” which stands for girl’s life. It is focus on teens, and it is one of the popular teen magazines for female. Of course, the pop star “Justin Biber” was on the cover which caught my eyes. In the magazine, the question of today was “Are you cheating on your boyfriend?” wasn’t too proper for teen to start off. The advertisement weren’t bad; they were mostly movies, and clothing. The articles were somewhat positive and negative. There was article about “100 ways to look cute”, and I was standing there thinking “That’s a lot”. They were teaching how to look “flirty” which I have no idea how. It was just terrible article about putting make up on; I don’t believe teens need to look flirty to anybody. There was another article about spring trends for under $20 which wasn’t so bad, it gave pretty good cloth to wear, I thought it was good, because girls tend to want expensive stuff. Another article was “Make Him Yours” it was just awful; it was real guy telling them how to approach, and what not to do. Honestly, teens don’t need to learn how to flirt with guy, first of all; article was just useless, “look at him with your new make up on” is not what teens have to learn. One of the positive article was about “10 ways to prepare for your period”. I am not sure it was right ways since I’m a guy. However, if the content is right, girls need to know how to prepare for them, how to treat them right, so I thought it was educating. Also, there was article call “I feel fat” which was for teen who think they are fat. They gave solutions for it, and some advice. It was surprisingly helpful, and it gave some good solutions, such as like a fun spring workout. However, I have no idea why they gave worse dresser for Jennifer Stone who is little chubby, and gave best dresser to Emma Robert who is skinny. They both looked fine to me, but I thought it would lower some “girls” self-esteem, because they are little...
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