Female Infanticide

Topics: Gender, Sex, Male Pages: 8 (2346 words) Published: August 2, 2012
Female Infanticide and Foeticide-A crime against god’s will P. Nagesh, K. Venkatesh, G.V.S. Kishore , D. Mohan kalyan.

Abstract— One of the most developed in the 3rd world countries is republic of India. Even as India has witnessed unprecedented economic growth in the last decade the conditions of millions of Indian women and girl children continue to be deplorable .The unbelievable fact is that India stood in 2nd place in female infanticide( very after china) in Asian continent. Infant female babies have been killed or left to die because they are female .This practice is called Female infanticide. Intentional killing of an infant in womb of a mother is called female foeticide. Every day a baby is killed because it isn't the gender the parents preferred. In this document we are going to present PESTEL analysis on the highlighted topic. We also analyzed the future of females (using mathematics) in coming years if this situation continues. Index Terms—Infanticide, Torture , 3rd world countries PESTEL, INTRODUCTION

“Killing of an entirely dependent child under “one year of age” who is killed by mother, parents or others in whose care the child is entrusted”. Female infanticide remains one of the main concerns in the 3rd world countries. It remains critical in 2 of the most populous countries namely china and India. The practice of infanticide has taken many forms .Child sacrifice to supernatural figures or forces, such as the one practiced in ancient cartage, may be only the most notorious example in the ancient world. According to Hindu mythology females are mainly glorified with the name Devi (an invincible divinity having lot of powers).But the same females are being tortured now a days. The adverse sex ratio has been linked with the low status of women in Indian communities not only in olden days but also in this 21st century. Once in our lives, most of us must have heard that a child is a ‘gift’ from God. Though whatever biology may suggest, it is not an uncommon sight in India to see couples praying to be blessed with a child. But almost half of India, no longer considers it a blessing if that child happens to be a girl. The blessing soon becomes a curse and the ‘precious gift’ is done away with as soon as possible before extending another demand to God, that of a ‘male’ child. The doing away often includes either being ‘given’ in marriage to another toddler (or in some cases, to men twice or even thrice their age) or worse, slaying her even before she can take one free breath. Of late, technology seems to have facilitated this diabolical slaughter even before the birth of the child in the form of female feticide. The term female feticide means killing the female fetus in the mother's womb. 24th September is celebrated as the International Girl Child Day.

It is a disgrace for the Indian society ,which considers the birth of a child as a bad investment for the future .she is considered to be consumer rather than a producer, and this narrow view point of the Indian patriarchal society has lead to horrid practices like female infanticide and foeticide. From the below statistics, the severity of this social unveil act can be visualized. If we compare all the states, it is clear that south India is much better than north India, Haryana , Chandigarh, Jammu and Kashmir stood at least place among all . Similarly if we compare 2001 and2011 statistics the conditions of all states was somewhat improved.

 | |  |

Serial No.| Name of State| Census 2001| Census 2011| Increase or decrease in percentage| 1| Andhra Pradesh| 978| 992| 1.43%|
2| Arunachal Pradesh| 893| 920| 3.02%|
3| Assam| 935| 954| 2.03%|
4| Bihar| 919| 916| -0.33%|
5| Chhattisgarh| 989| 991| 0.20%|
6| Goa| 961| 968| 0.73%|
7| Gujarat| 920| 918| -0.22%|
8| Haryana| 861| 877| 1.86%|
9| Himachal Pradesh|...
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