Female Genital Mutilation: an Inhumane Practice

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  • Published : January 23, 2007
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My intended audience is my allies who agree that Female Genital Mutilation is an inhumane practice and it should be eradicated.

FGM: An Inhumane Practice
"The child, completely naked, is made to sit on a low stool. Several women take hold of her and open her legs wide. After separating her outer and inner labia, the operator, usually a woman experienced in this procedure, sits down facing the child. With her kitchen knife, the operator first pierces, and slices open the hood of the clitoris. Then she begins to cut it out. While another woman wipes off the blood with a rag, the operator digs with her sharp fingernail a hole the length of the clitoris to detach and pull out the organ. The little girl, held down by the woman helpers, screams in extreme unbearable pain; but no one pays her the slightest attention," writes Fran P. Hosken of Female Genital Mutilation: Strategies For Eradication. Paul van Zyl from Female Circumcision: Cultural Right or Human Wrong describes the three different types of female circumcision, also known as Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), as a clitoridectomy, infibulation circumcision, and a clitoridotomy. He states that a clitoridectomy is the removal of the clitoris and adjacent labia. Infibulation circumcision is the removal of the clitoris and the labia majora and minora, followed by the securing of the scraped sides of vulva across the vagina. A clitoridotomy consists of the removal of the tip of the clitoris, sometimes performed by cutting a hole in a piece of cloth and placing it over the area to be cut, limiting the size of the area. I think this procedure is very barbaric and unnecessary and should be eradicated on the basis of its health risk and ethical issues.

"Female genital mutilation is practice that has been prevalent in Africa for centuries and due to increasing mobility of African and Middle Eastern immigrants to Europe, and the United States, and Australia, these mutilations are being exported all...
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