Female Genital Mutilation

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  • Published : January 22, 2013
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Female Genital Mutilation
Female genital mutilation (FGC) is often referred to as female circumcision. The practice is common in many places around the world like parts of Africa and the Middle East. In many third world countries the practice has been part of cultural traditions for many, many years to initiate rites of passage. In extreme cases female genital mutilation is done to ensure fidelity. Efforts to stop this practice are in place around the world but are often presented with many challenges.

Girls are put under the knife often without any anesthetics. There are several types of female circumcisions performed: Sunna Circumcision, Clitoridectomy and Infirbulation or Pharaonic Circumcision. Each type of mutilation ranges from mild to drastic. Parts of the sexual organs that sensualize feeling during sex are cut out during Sunna Circumcision, which primarily takes place in Africa near the equator and parts of the Middle East. In extreme cases the vagina is sewed up leaving only an opening for urine to come out such as in Infirbulation or Pharaonic Circumcision. Once married they may be un-sewed to have sexual relations then get sewed back up only to become un-sewed again during labor. These practices are not just excruciatingly painful. They place the female’s life in danger when it is performed in unsanitary places with no medical supervision.

The painful practice is done for varying reasons depending on the culture. Some cultures do it to assure the purity of a woman upon marriage and fidelity throughout the marriage. Other cultures view it as a right of passage to ensure the girl will be accepted into the adult society and be viewed as a respectable woman guaranteeing she will be able to marry. Such is the case in the documentary, “Norro, A Story of Female Genital Mutilation” that follows an African girl in a village as she and her younger sister prepare for circumcision. In truth, when trying to dig up the real logical reason there is none that...
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