Female Foeticide

Topics: Abortion, Gender, Demography Pages: 4 (1079 words) Published: September 6, 2012


Contemporary Indian society professes a profound faith in every individual’s “right to life and dignity”. The rights relating to the weaker & vulnerable sections of Indian society especially women , and more specially the girl child were violated. The twin social evils of female foeticide & female infanticide were the main causes. Violence against women exists in various forms, in all societies, the world over. In 1996 the world health assembly endorsed the fact that violence against women is a Public Health problem and female foeticide is one extreme manifestation of violence against women. India is a country of 102.7 crore population, out of which 53.1 crores is of males and 49.6 crores is of females, clearly indicating a deficit of 3.5 crore women. The sex ratio is 933 women /1000 men and child sex ratio is 927 girls for 1000 boys (census of India,2001). The demographic profile of India clearly indicating the profoundness and wide spread prevalence of this social evil i.e. female foeticide. In Jaipur itself 3500 female foeticide per year on average seen and where killing is no sin. 

Female foeticide: It is defined as aborting a female foetus after sex determination test or pre natal diagnostic test which includes:- • Ultra-sonography
• Foetoscopy
• Placental tissue sampling
• Amniocentesis 

Female Infanticide:-Infanticide is the practice of intentionally killing of infant. Therefore female infanticide is the inhuman killing of the baby girl after she is born. In the absence of genetic testing, infanticide was the only inhumane option for discarding the female child.

Female foeticide is a heinous act and an indicator of violence against women. Women in India have suffered a lot and have swallowed innumerable atrocities for so many generations. Be it wife battering, rapes or dowry deaths, she has been suffering and subjected to discrimination. The homicide of women exists in various...
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