Female Foeticide

Topics: Gender, Girl, Childhood Pages: 5 (1596 words) Published: September 4, 2012
female foeticide/ infanticide
The term female foeticide means killing the female foetus in the mother's womb. How cruel? The practice has been followed in India for ages, a country that once described its women as godessess. For this reason, Indian women will soon get extinct. Surprised? The most active part is being played by the women themselves -- why? Just for the mere want of a boy, mothers don't feel bad in strangulating their daughters in their wombs. Can anyone be more cruel?  In India, sex ratio stands at a paltry 933:1000, i.e., 67 women short of every 1,000 males. Can you imagine how bad the situation is -- in the coming times, the boys of this country will have to stand single because there will be no girls.   However, ever thought why mothers are being forced to kill their daughters even before they are born? As far as I can think, the main reason behind this gruesome scenario is the cost of the girl child ever since she takes birth. When a girl takes birth, parents have to bear the burden of bringing her up. Then, in today's scenario, girls have to be provided education, so the burden of educating someone who will, one day, leave the parents' house for her husband's place is too much. The mere thought of this sends few parents shivering, i.e., they feel that they are wasting their precious resources on someone who is not their own. Besides this, protecting and safeguarding the girl child, today, has become an uphill task for their families, as the crime rate against women is on the rise. How bad? For this reason, few parents debar their daughters from going outside and they have to stay home away from the rest of the world. Women are subjected to cruelty from the male section of this so-called advanced society. Even educated women face such treatment, what to talk about uneducated, illiterate women. Then last but not the least, the bride price or dowry is a factor which is the prime killer of many girls after marriage. The greed for getting more money and resources from the girl's family pushes the in-laws of many girls towards killing them. How sad! Few are forced to end their lives themselves. These are few reasons that are responsible for female foeticide. These days sex determination procedure has proved bane for the girl child. Sex determination tests are forbidden, despite this they continue to have their hold in this country.  Today, it is the responsibility of the educated generation to stir a revolution for saving the girl child. We need to educate those educated as well as uneducated ignorants who commit such heinous crimes as female infanticide.    Television can play a big role in awakening and propagating this message by broadcasting sops concerning the issue. Even advertisements in this regard can play a big role in influencing the people. Movies, theatre plays can be cast on these lines. Government campaigns in the most vulnerable parts would also bring a change.  Even I am a girl, who is surviving in this society because my parents did not kill me in the womb.  They allowed me to enjoy my pre-natal life, take birth in this world, enjoy my childhood, enjoy all the luxuries of life. Therefore, I pay my gratitude to my parents for helping me stand on my feet. Had my parents killed me as an unborn child, would you have been reading this hub? Was I not allowed to take birth, would I have been able to see this world full of beauty as well as beasts. If this heinous practice of female foeticide is continued, it will be a welcome invitation to gay culture? Are we ready for that? I don't think, a country like India will ever accpet the same. So, Jaago India Jaago!!  This is my earnest request to all those who consider daughters a burden to let their girls come into this world, as a daughter is yours for life, a son is yours until wife. So, my dear friends, especially Indians and all those would-be parents, do not nip the bud of baby girls in the womb, do not snatch the right of taking birth from your...
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