Female Deliquency

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  • Published : April 10, 2013
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Juvenile delinquency has been a problem in our society for a long time now. Both boys and girls engage in juvenile acts. But, as of lately girls engaging in delinquent acts has been increasing a lot more; whereas boy’s rate in delinquency has been decreasing. There are many risk factors and causes of why the trend of juvenile delinquency in females is increasing. Although, it has been becoming an issue in our society today; society has been working on finding ways to decrease and stop this problem.

As said, juvenile delinquency in girls is definitely increasing compared to in the past. According to Thibodea(2002) “Girls are committing more violent crimes than ever before, and while not surpassing boys in actual numbers, they are in the percentages”. One reason why they seem to be committing more crime than before because a lot of the girls are just being punished for these particular crimes for the first time. In the past the justice system tends to see girls as “better” than boys; so therefore they were more likely to help females get on the right track. Therefore females are more likely to be punished for status offenses like running away from home or underage sexual activity and less likely for more serious crimes. Also, society seems to be giving females all sorts of messages. On one hand they are told they should be” independent” women and on the other hand they are told they should be more reserved and polite. Therefore they are confused on how they should act. If they act like a boy; they are punished by court and society. (Thibodeau, 2002, p.497) A lot has changed in society today; in turn these changes are affecting the amount of delinquency that takes place amongst females today. There are many different factors and causes of why many females are engaging in more delinquency than before. There are individual factors, family influences, peer influences, and neighborhood influences in which, all influence whether a female may or may not take...
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