Female Body Shape

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  • Published : December 18, 2012
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Body image questionnaire- Community and Family Studies

I am currently a year 12 student studying community and Family Studies. The information collected from this survey will only be used to complete my research 

The way the media emphasises the ideal body image/weight of females affects young girls and their views on their body. This has a negative contribution to their well being and self-esteem 1. Age
2. Are you content with your body image?
3. if no, why?
4. Do you believe that how the media portrays the ideal body appearance pressures you to mimic this image? YesNo|
5. Do you buy magazines that influence views and opinions on body image? YesNo|
Which Magazines?|
6. When viewing magazines or TV shows that deal with models does this affect the way you feel about your body or lower your self confidence? YesNo|
7. Have you ever taken preventative methods (for example dieting) to maintain or reach a weight that you feel is ideal? YesNo|
8. Are you sometimes self conscious of how your body may be perceived in today's society? YesNo|
9. Do you agree with the ideal body image conveyed by the media? ?  YesNo|
10. Do you see yourself as…
UnderweightAverage WeightOverweight|
11. How concerned are you about weight gain?
Very ConcernedSomewhat ConcernedNot Concerned|
12. Do you often compare your body with celebrities or other girls due to pressure of society on body image? AlwaysSometimesNever|
13. Would you ever consider surgically altering your body?
Strongly considerMaybeNever|

14. Judge this statement:
"I would be happier if I were thinner"
Strongly agreeAgreeDisagreeStrongly disagree|
15. Most model in the media sources I view are:
OverweightJust righttoo skinny|
Other (please specify)|

16. Describe societies ideal body shape for women in a short sentence

This image shows 9 different body...
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