Female Body Development (Sample)

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Female Body Development (Sample)

By | November 2011
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Article http://www.realsexedfacts.com/female-body-development.html Female Body Development
Puberty is the most confusing time during the span of life that many individuals experience. The body is doing one thing, the mind is going another direction, and what actions come from the person do not coincide with what is happening to them. It is the equivalent of being put into a hormonal and physical blender. The female body begins to go through puberty at an earlier time than their male counterparts. Typically females begin to develop around eleven to thirteen years of age but some girls can begin as early as eight and some do not begin to mature until their mid-teens. Changes, once they begin, continue for a number of years and sometimes do not stop until early twenties. The body is constantly in a process of change as we age, but this is the most drastic and rapid time of change during the life cycle. Physically, the body begins to change shape. A growth spurt happens and the person gets dramatically taller in a short time. A few growth spurts may occur but generally females are done getting taller by their late teenage years. After a growth spurt teens who are developing tend to look painfully ‘stretched out’ while their body is fighting to come into its adultlike proportions at an uneven rate. The shape of the face and facial features change, as the roundness of a childlike face give way to a more structured appearance. Jawbones become prominent and the face as a whole has a different look, usually due to this change. Hair begins to grow in the armpit and pubic regions of the body. Sweating increases in these areas in response to the hormonal changes, and at this point hygiene becomes an important focus of the daily regimen. Females will begin to shave body hair and use deodorant and other scented toiletries. Acne is another side effect of hormonal changes, and can sometimes become a severe problem requiring treatment. Eventually, the problem with acne will...

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