Female and Male Stereotypes

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  • Published : September 24, 2007
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Why is it always assumed that the women is the one to prepare the evening meal? The poem "Male Rain, Female Rain, and Awakening" explain the stereotypes between men and women. Stereotypes for men and women been around since early times. Men and women will always to assumed of certain things and certain perferecenes.

"Male Rain" says something such as "bending the trees".This metaphor is repersenting how men are much stronger then women and they can compare to the strength of a strong storm.Another phrase is "in-laws beware of him" which clearly states that that he could be a sort of harm towards their daughter. This is a repersentation that men are unfaithful. Which is very recognize trait among men. "Female Rain"explains what is known to be much more femine.Such as "pregnant with child". Which obviously repersents pregnancy this feature is the most recognize among women.Another line the poem states is "she gives birth to little droplets of rain" which can be assosiated with giving birth and crying. Women are also well known for being being much more emotinal then men. "Awakening" explains what has become of "Female Rain" and "Male Rain".Female Rain's parents are refered to as Father Sun and Mother Earth. They come in to confert her in her time of need.Male Rain has come and gone which is saying he has come to be with her but now he is gone. Stereotypes between men and women have always been used.This poem clearly explain these stereotypes very well. Some of them can be argued, yet these are very familiar among men and women. Stereotypes will always been reconized among men and women. As well as other groups and ethics
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