Female and Male Pigs Share Many Similarities Externally

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  • Published : November 19, 2008
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Female and male pigs share many similarities externally, but internally they are quite different. Just as the male does not have an external penis, and the scrotum is not well developed until sexual maturity, the entrance to the female’s vagina is hidden beneath the tail. In the female reproductive system the primary reproductive organs of the female is the ovaries. They are small kidney- shaped organs that usually cover the fallopian tubes. Next to the ovary lies the funiculum (funnel shaped) that captures the egg and releases them into the body cavity. Attached to the back wall of the abdomen is the ovary and fallopian tubes. The uterine body is then formed by the fallopian tubes and the uterine horns joined at the midline. Since the uterus is shaped like a “Y” it allows the placentas to be attached so the female pig is able to carry many baby pigs along its uterine horn. A broad ligament holds the ovary and uterus in place and it also bears most of the weight during the pregnancy. The cervix separates the vagina from the uterus. Female mammals use antibacterial mucus, white blood cell activity, and acidity as safeguards against sexually transmitted diseases. Just as the vagina is hidden in the female reproductive system, the male genital pore is hidden behind the umbilical cord. Through that opening the penis will be averted for sexual intercourse or mating for animals. The internal penis of the male pig is made visible by a white line running back from the genital pore along the midline of the abdomen. The female lacks almost all external features except for the genital papilla. It is a triangular piece of tissue that protects the opening to the urogenital tract. It is located just beneath the tail as I stated before. In conclusion the female and male pigs both have different reproductive characteristics that can be seen internally within a fetal pig, but externally they look almost identical for there are almost no differences that can...
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