Female and Beatlemania Public Sexuality

Topics: Female, Woman, The Beatles Pages: 2 (429 words) Published: April 9, 2012
In the article, Beatlemania: Girls Just Want to Have Fun, the authors describe how the emergence of the Beatles in the 1960’s created a change in the sexual possibilities open to women and girls. During the 60’s teenage girls lived with the notion that their main goal in their life was marriage and motherhood and that in order to achieve this goal one must use sex instrumentally; meaning give just enough to be popular with the boys but not too much so that you lose the respect of the “right” type of boys. To put it bluntly, girls were required to accept the traditional feminine roll and the sexual double standard that went along with it. However, this sexual repression changed with the coming of Beatlemania. The Beatles provoked young girls to rebel against the social norms and publically acknowledge their sexual feelings. Beatlemania and the Rock n Roll movement in general gave teenage girls a way to escape their social expectations because it made them realize that, just like the musician they idolized, it was okay to be strong, sexy and to do what they wanted.

After reading the article I began to think of how things have changed from the time of Beatlemania to present day. Since the 60’s sexual expression has grown to become a common part of a society; it has made itself into a norm. During Beatlemania public sexuality was a way for girls to gain freedom and independence, however is that still the case in today’s society?

Mainly due to advertisers and marketers who use female sexuality as a selling mechanism, I think that sexual expression has began to take away freedom and independence from females as opposed to enabling it. The media places so much emphasis on female sexuality that it is often portrayed as our best and most valuable asset. Because the media and musicians encourage sexual inhibition, through shows like Teen Mom for example, women and girls have become carefree to the point where others, namely men, see them as objects as opposed to...
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