Felmton Policy Paper

Topics: Nuclear weapon, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Los Alamos National Laboratory Pages: 3 (1101 words) Published: December 21, 2012
New Boom Policy Paper
I think it is obvious that if scientists at the Lawrence Livermore National Lab proceed with attempting to replicate flemtons, it must be with extreme caution. The potential that flemtons may offer as an energy source or military tool can’t be realized if safety isn’t achieved first. At this point, that potential is still unknown, but inaction on our part could possibly cater to the loss of a tremendous opportunity for strides in energy efficiency. This sort of discovery is unlikely to go unnoticed on a large scale. We should proceed carefully to insure safety, but still be aware of the allure flemtons may offer to outside groups. Privacy and control must be maintained at all times. Immediate action should be investigative, not decisive. I believe that more information must be gathered before a final decision is made about whether or not to attempt to recreate and harness this power. Any and all information available about what led to the loss of control over the new matter should be gathered and analyzed. It will be imperative to discover, through lab records or investigation of the site, what went wrong. What the scientist were trying to achieve will tell us something about the potential of flemtons. Are they synthetic or naturally occurring? If they are organic are they dangerous in their natural form or only when manipulated? If they are organic, immediate restrictions should be placed on access to them. How far in their research did the scientists get? These are just a few of many questions that must be answered before any real

experimentation can be conducted on flemtons. The gravity of loss that occurred in La Jolla tells us how unreliable and dangerous flemtons can be. The people that died as a result of the accident were the closest we had to experts, and lacking their insight and research puts us at a distinct disadvantage. Research should be conducted in an isolated area, well outside the radius of the previous blast. If...
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