Fellini's Roma

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Synopsis VII: Roma
The movie “Roma” was directed by Federico Fellini and was released on the 15th of October 1972. The producer of the film is Turi Vasile. There is really no lead role in this film, but Peter Gonzales Falcon plays the “young Fellini”. There are hundreds of characters that appear throughout the film, but most of them are only seen for a few minutes or even shorter. Federico Fellini himself also acts in the movie and he is in addition the writer of the script and the screenplay.

The film itself has no real plot or storyline like a regular Hollywood movie that we have gotten so used to watching. It is a portrait of Rome through Fellini’s eyes from when he was a young man moving to Rome and when he had become a film director. There are several memorable scenes showing Rome from quite a different perspective than usually in Hollywood movies. One hardly sees the famous places where tourist go with the exception of the last scene of the movie where a group of motorcyclists are seen driving past many of the most famous landmarks of Rome, like the Spanish steps, the Colosseum and the statue of Marcus Aurelius.

One famous scene is under the surface of the city where the building of the subway is taking place. The film crew is taken underground to see what goes on there. They have just stopped working because they stumbled into an ancient Roman house with great frescoes and art. However when the fresh air comes into the house that has been isolated for a long time the frescoes start disappearing. The people start panicking, but they can not do anything, they are disappearing in front of their eyes.

Another very famous and exceptionally surreal scene is a catholic fashion show, taking place in an old palace. There are different kinds of costumes, for priests and nuns, showing versatility and how the clothing can adapt to the modern world. This scene has been compared with the scenes in the brothels where prostitutes are showing themselves off in a...
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