Felkris Alumni Tracer

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Situation Analysis
Every year students were graduating in Felkris Academy. As they graduate, they leave their school; others might have no longer updates regarding their school for they are now in abroad for their work. As students, they still want to keep in touch with their alma mater. It is really difficult for the school to search for their graduates for they are scattered to the different parts of the world. That is why we have what we call alumni association. Alumni Association was founded to promote fellowship among graduates, former students, faculty and staff members of Felkris Academy for its development and well being as an educational institution. It is founded to provide support service to the school, and one thing more is that the alumni will be a great source for fund raising of the school for the benefit of the students in the form of scholarship funds. So tracking of the graduates is important. Tracking can provide concrete evidence that will enable the boards and the wider public to evaluate a school's most important product--its graduates--in important ways. For easy access to the graduates of the school, the researchers are to study a web-based tracking system for Felkris Academy. It is web-based so that it is easy for the graduates and the school to have communication with each other anytime and everywhere in the world. Every graduate can still be updated to what is happening to their school, how far did the developments have undergone after they left the school, the academic status and many more by accessing the system through the web.

The reasons for maintaining contact with alumni include networking for current students to obtain internships and professional positions, meeting requirements for accrediting agencies, and determining how well the program prepared the graduates for their professional careers. In order to strengthen graduates' ability to move theory into practice, graduate programs need to stay current on professional practices. To determine what current practices are and to aid in evaluation and planning, documented information should be obtained from both alumni and professional organizations.

Conceptual/Theoretical Framework
In this era, where advancement is become the part of the each and every field of life and time become the one of the important element of the success we want to do things or everyday jobs with more fatly as ever. Here role of information system can’t be ignored doing things faster, doing things better, and doing thinks smarter these all traits are possible just because of two words, Information system. Alumni Tracking System is one of the examples of information system. To get contact with the old students and to provide the assistance to this old student for their future progress in all field of life and maintain the record of the passing out students. Alumni Tracking System helps to do what is mention above.

According to Quimbita, Grace,1989-09-00 from ERIC Clearinghouse for Junior Colleges Los Angeles CA. Student tracking systems enable increasing numbers of community colleges to respond to external demands for accountability with tangible measurements of student progress and institutional outcomes. Several recent trends have prompted interest in monitoring student progress throughout college and into their professional lives. Bers (1989) argues that increasing emphasis on marketing, accountability, communication with students, and internal competition for students all serve as catalysts for the development of tracking systems.

Bers identifies six stages in the student flow process that should be monitored by a student tracking system. Awareness--In this stage, the prospective student learns about the college for the first time. Mass mailings to homes or businesses, advertisements in the media, and public information sessions are useful in making potential students aware of the college. Inquiry--Mechanisms for maintaining personalized contact...
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