Felix Skrznecki

Topics: Polish language, Poland Pages: 3 (726 words) Published: July 24, 2011
The poem FELIKS SKRZYNECKI, by Peter Skrzynecki effectively
portrays his childhood reminiscence as an adult. In the first stanza, he demonstrated his admiration for his father as a child and described him with respect, knowing that Felik’s Skrzynecki was his adopted father. Immediately, we can gain Peter Skrzynecki’s strong respect he has towards his father, fiercely emphasized by re-telling what Felik’s Skrzynecki had done for his family. “ Alert, brisk and silent,

he swept its paths
ten times around the world”
This reinforces the idea of how Peter Skrzynecki viewed his father’s protectiveness over his loved family.

The description of his physical state also reinforces the idea of respect to his father, as evident in the phrase “ Hands darkened
From cement, fingers with cracks,
Like the sods he broke”
This enhances his physical strength of Felik’s Skrzynecki, had resisted all the hardships that were heavily put upon him. Knowing that the Skrzynecki family had immigrated to Australia and like any other immigrants, had to live a strong, hard life because of money, being immigrants, displaced persons. These two opening stanzas already allows the audience to empathize on Felik’s Skrzynecki.

Aware that this poem is a reminiscence of Peter Skrzynecki’s childhood, Peter Skrzynecki started talking about how the Skrzynecki’s family greeted their fellow polish friends as portrayed in the below phrase “His Polish friends

always shook hands too violently
I thought… Felik’s Skrzynecki”
Encapsulates thoughts of their relationship with their fellow mates from Poland who also happens to be displaced persons.

Again in stanza 4, Peter Skrzynecki repeats the sense of respect, affiliation by complimenting how strong he was and how well Felik’s Skrzynecki covered up his weak side and only showed the strong side to his family, as...
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