Feliks Skrzynecki Analysis Belonging

Topics: Poetry, World, Family Pages: 1 (364 words) Published: May 27, 2012
Feliks Skrzynecki
The issues of acceptance and alienation are crucially present in Peter Skrzynecki's 'Feliks Skryzynecki'. Although the poem is a tribute to Peter Skrzynecki's father, a range of concepts are also revealed. Through the use of powerful and vivid imagery, the poet successfully conveys Feliks as a man who is comfortable, content and secure in his own identity. In this poem, concepts of belonging and not belonging occur within place, family, community and culture. The first stanza emphasizes the idea of belonging. Feliks sets standards 'of his own minds making'. He is comfortable in belonging to his own world, his garden, family and cultural heritage. This is further emphasized through the use of the simile ' loved his garden like an only child' which exemplifies the love he possessed for his garden. The garden can also be interpreted as Feliks constructed world: a place he escapes to in order to feel a sence of belonging. This is established through Skrzyneckis exaggerated use of hyperbole” Spent years walking it's perimeter from sunrise to sleep", continually sweeping” its paths, ten times around the world". The second stanza conveys the admiration and respect people feel towards Feliks. His father is seen as a 'gentle father' in the first stanza, however the persona of Feliks develops into a hard-working and strong character. Admiration develops for Feliks as Peter Skrzynecki 'often wondered how he existed on five or six hours sleep each night'. The simile 'fingers with cracks like the soda he broke' demonstrate the hard work Feliks performs. Peter casts himself as the onlooker or outsider which makes him feel a sence of isolation and discomfort. The third stanza further exemplifies Peter Skrzyneckis sence of being an outsider. Peter introduces Feliks' 'Polish friends' who ' always shake hands too violently'. There is also a sence of belonging between Feliks and his social circle. This conveys the image of happiness and abundance. Although Feliks...
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