Feeling and Pod Session

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Week 1 Pod 1
How do you feel right now sitting with your group in your first Pod session at university?

How did the first session go? How do you feel now?
What is your Belbin profile? What are the profiles of your group? Do you have a good mix of profiles? What do you think of your group from this session and induction?

I am feeling very great right now as this is my first class or I can say It's my first Pod session . I have never attended any kind of this pod session before .So, my first experience went really good . Adding to my statements that both of the tutors are very good enough to handle the class so well . Shamim is an amazing teacher I must say. It felt very good when she told me impressive work when I was just writing her name with the same pen colour on that profile form. My belbin profile is Specialist . But I don't think so because that is provides knowledge in rare supply. I always provide best of my knowledge to make my group best of all. I am not fully convinced with that because I think myself as a shaper and completer finisher but never mind because belbin profile is what which is my result from that questionnaire and that could not be so exact. I know some of my group profiles. One was coordinator, resource investigator, and monitor evaluator. Yes, I do have a good mix of profiles. Well I am hoping to get some good response from my group Because I am very consistent to my work and worked as a team leader before and want everyone to get involved in the group. I was getting nervous when I was told to talk in the class about my group mates amazing things . But both the tutors and all the groups felt me so comfortable to deliver my words. Fellows are comfortable to talk and looked friendly enough but I don't know them exactly yet as we are looking for other sessions coming up. I am sure we would have a great time in all the sessions coming up and will try our best to complete our assignments and presentations on time and come up with...
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