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Topics: Leadership, Management, Critical thinking Pages: 1 (351 words) Published: December 19, 2012
As a group we have assessed group 1’s presentation on Usain Bolt and his leadership styles/theories. Their presentation was agreeable on the fact that they provided 3 or more leadership theories based upon the relevant information, and was as a whole able to obtain the purpose of the whole presentation. When it came down to the presentation structure, our group has agreed to give them a score of 1, where we were able to identify that they demonstrated a clear structure with their visuals, numbers sections and subsections etc. The group was also able to demonstrate a clear understanding of the leadership theory, as they described this in depth, with sources to back what they have stated. As a result, with this section our group scored them a 1. The presentation did slightly however, lack depth in the clear application of theory to practice and having a critical approach adopted, this was quite thoroughly explained however, and we felt it slightly lacked critical approach to what they stated so for this sector we scored them a 2. The group did show evidence of wider reading and this was of a large scale, with numerous links online, books and articles etc. So for this we scored them a 1. Finally, when it came to ruling good leadership including organisation/teamwork/individual contribution and time management we felt that the group deserved a score of 2. This was because the presentation as a whole slightly lacked time management and equal vocal time. Although they worked really well together, we as a group felt that they could’ve just spread the amount each person got to speak to the audience so that way it didn’t feel like one particular person was taking charge and as a result consumed more time. This is something very small that they can learn as a group when it comes to improvement for any other presentation, for all in all they did a great job of portraying Usain Bolt as a leader, stating what makes him this great leader and did use evidence to further back...
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