Feedback of Fitness Tests Results

Topics: Muscle, Weight training, Exercise Pages: 9 (3640 words) Published: January 22, 2013
Daniel Racey – Feedback of Fitness tests results

Page 1 – Front Cover, contents and introduction
Page 2 – Strength
Page 3 – Strength/Speed
Page 4 – Speed/Flexibility
Page 5 – Flexibility/Power
Page 6 – Muscular Endurance/Aerobic Endurance
Page 7 – Aerobic Endurance/Conclusion/References

In this assignment I will be providing feedback to my client featuring the follow sections; a description of the test results, an interpretation of them whilst comparing them to accepted normative data then finally analysing the results, also I shall make recommendations for suitable future activities and/or training.

For strength I got Toby to perform the chin up test. Toby managed to achieve 10 in this test which is rated as above average for a male of his age. In this test he had 30 seconds to do as many chin ups as possible, he did 10 which was an average of one of every three seconds. The movement required was a simple action; all he had to do was lift his chin above the bar by pulling his body up with his arms. The muscles used in this test are the biceps, triceps, deltoids and trapezius. I believe he could have achieved a better score if he had previous experience and better knowledge of the technique, such as knowing what speed to go at. So if he would of did it at a slower pace he would of possibly been able to do a couple more as he wouldn’t of burned his arms out. I wouldn’t regard his result as a strength or weakness in relation to the normative data I’ve found, as it was close to neutral but edging towards being a strength. Due to Toby’s score being above average, this is something I’m fairly satisfied with. However, due to him being a centre back in football, which is a role usually associated with a big and strong player. Also in his health screening questionnaire, he said that he would like to gain strength. So I’d advise he took further training to help achieve a better score, as if he did it would mean that his arm muscles would have improved which would help him become a better player because it would allow him to put stronger pressure on the opponents due to increased strength. As previously mentioned, Toby’s lack of experience of this test was a disadvantage, I’d recommend he attended the gym more frequently and got more familiar with this piece of equipment, as it means he will be more likely to get a better score. If he did attend the gym more he could include some regular muscle building exercises for the muscles used in this test, the biceps, triceps, deltoids and trapezius. As Toby wants to gain strength, but in my opinion also needs to gain size I’d advise low reps and high weights for muscle mass or hypertrophy. For his biceps and triceps I’d recommend a superset of bicep curls with tricep extensions on the dual adjustable pulley machine. So when he’s finished one exercise, he would go straight into the other one with no rest. Where reps and weight are concerned, I would advise 6-8 reps per exercise, and for the weight, I’d want Toby to do a weight which is challenging for him so the last couple of reps would be a struggle for him, however I need to him to have good control during the exercise to maintain good posture and ensure that he was doing the correct technique so the muscles he wanted to use would be used. I believe doing 3-4 sets of these activities would be suitable for my client, as he needs to make sure he’s doing sufficient work on his muscles to ensure they’re being worked hard enough. I’d recommend a rest of 30 seconds between sets for sufficient time to recover for enough energy to perform another set but short enough to ensure the muscles get worked hard. For his deltoids and trapezius I’d advise the dumbbell shoulder press activity. For this activity the client needs to sit on a bench with their back straight, holding two dumbbells just above shoulder level with palms facing forward. The client needs to then lift the dumbbells straight up as high...
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