Feed and Wall-E

Topics: Earth, Planet, English-language films Pages: 2 (788 words) Published: April 15, 2012
Feed and Wall-E are very much a like in the way they treated their planet. Both of the planets were completely trashed and are point to where humans could not live on them. Although they are at different stages of their polluted planets Feed being people are started to not be able to live on it. In Wall-E people have been gone for 700 years of their lives because the earth was bad. In feed M.T. Anderson says on the last sentence of the book “Everything Must Go”. Everything will go because the way people are treating earth. The way we people treat the earth is very important because if we don’t treat our earth right we will have die and human life as we know it will be gone. Feed and Wall-E are both satires. Both pieces are saying that if people do not take care of the earth we will have to take dramatic changes in human life. Imaging earth with no people existing on it is pretty hard to believe but it is also very true. They show this in both Feed and Wall-E with both of their earths in such poor conditions. Both of the planets are in extremely bad condition for people in feed people are starting to loose their skin and hair and in Wall-E people had to live their own planet. “Too much garbage in your face? There's plenty of space out in space!” (Pixtar). This is how bad each planets condition is in literally when you walk outside your planets is in terrible condition. The people of both Wall-E and Feed follow trends very quickly. No matter how ridiculous it is. In Feed people use to have metal bird, dress up as old people, and have lesions all over their body thinking it was attractive. In Wall-E you could change the color of your suit and one of the advertisement said Blue was the new red so everyone had to have that color.

There are love stories in both Wall-E and in Feed however they are very different. Feed has a love story with Titus and Violet in the end it turns out to be very depressing. In Wall-E he meets this robot named Eve. They fall in love...
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