Topics: Integrated circuit, Computer, Microprocessor Pages: 4 (1346 words) Published: January 27, 2013
Abimbola Fagbemi
Mrs. Hood
Honors English 11
11 December 2012
Feed is a dystopian novel, written by M.T. Anderson. This novel is a warning to humans: to warn us about the consequences of our actions and it is up to us if we want to take heed or not. Feed explains to us what our world will be like if we allow a brain chip installed in our head. Although some people may think this chip is beneficial, they are very naïve to the fact that we are basically computer controlled aka “robots”. We do not acknowledge the negatives of the chip. We fail to see how this would affect our world. We are so blind to see these things. These are the reasons M.T. Anderson wrote this novel. Brain chip implants have some positives but its cons are greater. We fail to ask question before the implantation, which could change ones perspective on the installment. This is our world and if we are not careful and continue to live in a media manipulated world, just like in Feed, we will be giving corporation the chance to do the thinking for us while making profits too.

Although it may seem that corporations are protecting our information when we purchase items, but in reality they have privacy policies that limits our ability to restrict this sharing. The world we live in is so corrupt. Many businesses try to use us to make money at any cost. It is unbelievable that we live in a world full of selfishness. We may think that our information is safe, but during the signing of the contract, once it signed, we agree to the fact that our information can be shared. Our information can be shared for many purposes for example, marketing purposes. According to BciFinancial, “We share your information for our marketing purposes, for our everyday purpose, you cannot limit this sharing” (BCI). They are allowed to share our private and personal information and we have no right to restrict this. Just as in the Feed many corporations took their information of their feed for easy...
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