Fedex Internal Analysis

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  • Published: February 9, 2013
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Internal Environment Analysis
Company Profile
* History
Founded by Frederick W. Smith, FedEx Express was established in 1973 and it has grown rapidly. Smith had the idea of creating a company that would deliver mail all over the United States over night. His idea was to fly mail from one location to another at night because the traffic is better and packages could be sorted, distributed and out of its original location faster.

Delivering to over 220 countries and territories, FedEx today is a big global industry with a vast network worldwide. The company that started as a laid out in an economics class today is one of the biggest mail distribution corporations known by all customers as the company that “send shipment overnight” (FedEx,2013). * Employment

Employing more than 245,000 workers, contractors, pilots and operational personnel, FedEx is a corporation proud of its employees. FedEx creates opportunities not only for their full time employees but the company also hires college students as part time employees. It not only provides the college students a flexible job but it also helps FedEx cut costs, especially because the corporation is not unionized except for their pilots that are associated with the ALPA. FedEx not only employees in the United States, but it also employees overseas and 13 percent of its current employees are international. * Organizational Structure

The FedEx Corporation like many others is structure with a CEO, CFO, Market Development and Corporate Communications VP, Chief Information Officer, General Counsel and Secretary. Each subdivision of FedEx has a CEO, current David J. Bronczek is the CEO for the FedEx Express subdivision. Frederick W. Smith remains in the main position of President and CEO of the company as a whole (FexEx, 2013). * Location

FedEx main headquarters is in Memphis, Tennessee and the company has also another four headquarters which are located in Ontario, Canada; Guangzhou, China; Miami,...
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