Fedex Case Study

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Federal Express (FedEx) Corporation was founded by Frederick W. Smith in 1971 when he was just 28 years old and it specializes in overnight delivery of heavy freight, high-priority documents and packages. It has operations in 211 countries and it operates all over the United States providing delivery of time-sensitive, valuable cargo worldwide. Its main headquarters are in Memphis Tennessee USA and its subsidiaries include FedEx Express, FedEx Office, FedEx Trade Networks, FedEx Ground, FedEx Custom Critical, FedEx Freight, FedEx Supply Chain and FedEx Services. The FedEx Express subsidiary is the number 1 express transportation provider in the world with the FedEx ground complementing the express delivery business for small package ground delivery in North America. (FedEx 2012) Over the years FedEx has put in place a number of Human Resource (HR) Practices meant to improve the well being of employees and their job satisfaction and they have centered their operations worldwide on these practices. Overall they have had immense success in building long-lasting relationships with their employees and this has in-turn helped them achieve their end goal of higher profits. All the HR practices put in place are meant to strengthen relationships with employees and to also help in building their careers. (FedEx 2012)

Part 1. IHRM Concepts, theories and models
In IHRM there are many concepts that have to be greatly considered and when we focus on the expatriates they have to undergo some training before moving to a new country, which has a different culture, language and at times living standards. Expatriate simply refers to an individual working in another country that is not their country of origin and can at times be referred to as the Parent Country Nationals (PCN). For an expatriate to be successful in the host country there are skills that they are required to have and these include technical, communication, leadership and managerial skills. There are many other things considered and these include adaptability, personality in terms of cultural empathy, emotional stability, maturity, willpower and patience. (Lin. C 2012) In terms of training and development main consideration is put on making the expatriate ready for the assignment and it is subdivided into pre-deployment training, cross-cultural training, language training, sensitivity training and field experiences. All these concepts are what distinguish IHRM form HR. For a company like FedEx, which has branches worldwide, such considerations are important in ensuring that the company’s practices are the same worldwide and they should also conform to the culture of the host country also. (Haslberger. A 2005) All these concepts are important when ensuring that a company is successful when it opens a new branch in a new country. Since FedEx puts so much emphasis on employee satisfaction first they should make sure that the employee is satisfied with the living and working conditions so that they work hard to fulfill the customer’s needs. If the expatriate is not happy with the conditions in the country then it would eventually lead to withdrawal.


With the growth of competition at international level and globalization came the importance of human resources management. The activities of a company that extend to international level always involve a complexity of actions such as development and diversification of management tools of human resources.

The need to implement human resources management models was generated by two main factors: the globalization of companies’ activities on one hand and the necessity of multinationals companies to understand the way in which management know-how should be transferred from the parent company to daughter companies (Serafinceanu, Rudeanu, Buşe and Buşe, 2004). International management of human resources models are important in the way that they give a series of...
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