Fedex and Maruti Information System Case

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1. List the business processes displayed in the video.
A business process is defined by an addition of activities; step in production and tasks related to one another conducted to accomplish a specific organizational goal and produce a product or service for specific customers. Collecting: FedEx’s agents pick up packages at customers' house and get them to a sorting center. Sorting: Packages are sorted according to theirs destination thanks to an ingenious automated system using conveyers, scanners and diverters. FedEx scan and enter the packages into a system, which will allocate them an identification number. Then packages are stored by conveyor belt. In order to optimize the sort and distribution of the packages and determining the cost of shipping, length, width, a dimensional scanner scans height and weight of the packages. Transportation: Once the packages are placed into boxes, all of the different boxes will be be shaped in such a way that they will fit into a plane with maximum efficiency. FedEx air control center is in charge of coordinating and monitoring airplane, airports and the arrival of trucks. Another multidimensional scanner will then read the barcode which will analyze the location and destination of the packages and allocate and nudge them through paddles. In some case, a manual sorting will be required. So, a special boxe is settle so as to gather the packages from the manual sorting. Delivering: Packages are dispatching once again according to their final destination and delivered by hand by couriers.

2. List the types of information systems shown in the video. Can you describe how systems that were not shown might be used at FedEx?

The different types of information shown in the video were:
The identification system: Using barcodes, the system assigns a unique number to each package. It enables FedEx to track every single package individually along the process. The sorting system: the scanning system ensures that each package is allocated to the appropriate destination. The shipping price: Depending on its destination and its size (weight, length, height and width) a mathematic formula calculates the shipping price . Saving space: each package is assigned to a specific location in a container. Online order processing system: a user-friendly, interactive internet interface which provides customers with options and fees available for a shipping. CRM measures: to have a feedback on customer satisfaction and measure their loyalty. Management quality approach: regarding delivery timings and state (damage or not?). Value Management Inventory: to determine how packages are received and stored waiting to be deliver from a quality stand point. The type of information systems that was not shown in the video is the Executive Support System. The Executive Support System allows FedEx to make some useful reports, forecast performances outcomes and guarantee a better decision-making process. Indeed, analysis and statistics, thanks to data provided from the TPS and MIS, would help the company to realize reports and then assess the performance and issues. This information system can be used by executive managers better and faster access to reports like billing, cost accounting, staffing, scheduling from all FedEx levels and departments.

3. The system displayed in the video is an enterprise system. Why is this true? Explain your answer. Enterprise systems (ES) are large-scale application software packages that support business processes, information flows, reporting, and data analytics in complex organizations. In short, ES are packaged enterprise application software (PEAS) systems.

The FedEx system describes an Enterprise Resource Planning in the video, which is an enterprise system according to the definition above. Indeed, it allows the integration of data and gathers all...
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