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HR practices in ZJS:

ZJS was founded in January 18, 1994 and "Safe, accurate, friendly, depending on the service of life " for ZJS’s business admonition.Since its inception in 1994 ,The company has developed very quickly,Establishment of a huge express network in the country and the world ,ZJS determined to become a national banner of the express industry and Stirs up the important task of China Express to catch up with the world level .



1. Set up a Local courier industry management Legion

Zjs has it own cognitive and select,The foreign professional managers have new concepts, it able to brings good experiences but Foreign managers may not be fully aware of the domestic market and culture. So Zjs determine the localization of human resources management strategy .

2.The capable is to be coronated.

ZJS holds an evaluation each year to determine promotion, demotion or "out".

3.Comprehensive measures to improve staff quality

Zjs pays more attention to the management training , so the managers of ZJW must to join the programs which set up for managers expressly. The company is also very concerned about the training of its staffs.

Efficient communication mechanism

Zjs setted up a special agency to solve the internal contradictions in order to protect the legitimate interests of the employees and protect the interests of the company.

HR practices in FedEx:

FedEx is a young company in world-class companies . It among the 500 in less 30 years. In addition to the benefit from good management and opportunities also benefits because of its HR practices.

FedEx is the world's largest express transportation company, it provides a fast and reliable courier service for more than 200 countries and regions. It has a global aviation and land transport network, Fedex can transport delivery quickly and on time.It has been repeatedly named the world's most admired and trusted employers .

lower staff...
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