Fedex's Organization Process

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FedEx’s Organization Process 1


FedEx’s Organization Process
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FedEx’s Organization Process 2


FedEx had attained significant position among the world's most accepted and committed employers. It operates with more than 275,000 employees and contractors. Another significant function of FedEx management is organizing. Organizing is the process of dividing work into convenient tasks or duties, grouping such duties in the form of positions, grouping of various positions into departments and sections, assigning duties to individual positions, and delegating authority to each position so that the work is carried out as planned. ( The case is about how does FedEx recruit its employees, what is their selection process, and finally what type of training FedEx offers to its employees. First of all, recruitment in FedEx Corporation is based on how many jobs openings are available. Employees are permitted to the option of bidding on any promotional opportunity. Since FedEx is linked to Kinko’s, there are more offering jobs in different sector of the company and not only on packing and mailing. The selection process is based on motivated and diligent people provide indispensable professional service to ensure profits a continued growth ( Finally, FedEx offers and quick and rapid training to its employees: a full three-day course and one-day refresher course for experienced shippers. (

FedEx’s Organization Process 3

The organizing process leads to the creation of organization structure, which defines how tasks are divided and resources deployed. Organization structure is defined as the set of formal tasks assigned to individuals and departments; formal reporting relationships, including lines of authority, decision of responsibility, number of hierarchical levels, and span of managers’ control; and the design of systems...
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