Topics: Welfare, Federal government of the United States, Medicare Pages: 3 (1037 words) Published: January 13, 2013
I have chosen to write about The Welfare Policy. I will focus this paper on the programs that provide assistance through food and cash benefits The welfare system is made of several different programs for sharing control of by the states and federal governments. The welfare system was created in 1935 by The Social Secutrity Act. The act created the federal governments part in the welfare policy which up until then had been left to the states. . Many people consider the welfare programs to be some of the major problems of the welfare policy. These programs get their funds from the federal and state governments. Pressure from the states for more authority over these programs has grown. Some think that if the states had more control over these programs that the states will create new welfare experiments that may find new ways to use their own resources to help the growing amount of low-income families. Others think that the states money problems will create cuts in benefits and services from welfare, as each state tries to keep from attracting new welfare claimants. Social Security is a federal government program that gives cash benefits to retired and disabled citizens. These benefits are universal. Universal benefits are given to eligible claimants without them having to meet a certain income level. Social Security taxes are required to paid out of most employees and employers payrolls. How much benefits a person can receive depends on how much the person earned during the working life. Medicare is a federal government health insurance for the elderly and disabledpeople. Retired workers who receive social security benefits are entitled to receive free hospital stay insurance which is also know as Part A. Medicare Part B requires a person to pay a premium to cover the of doctor visits. Retired workers who do not receive Social Security may still receive Medicare but they will be required to pay a premium for Part A along with the...
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