Federal vs. State Policy Cja/464

Topics: Criminal justice, Law, Federal government of the United States Pages: 4 (1216 words) Published: July 27, 2012
Federal vs. State Policy
16 March 2012

Federal vs. State Policy Comparison
The body of laws that instructs the functions of the state’s criminal justice system is often referred to as its public policy. These established policies are created via the laws set forth by state and federal government. Established laws that are to be adhered to by the entire nation are done so through the federal government, while the state government establishes those laws that only the citizens located within the jurisdiction(s) of the state(s) must follow. The established polices outline the laws of the criminal justice system in there totality and are used the guidelines for sentencing or punishment that a criminal offender may receive. Upon a policy being enacted by the federal government, as a requirement, the states are then to also enact a similar law but this not a requirement for the federal government when a state government enacts a policy. For example; the federal government enacts mandatory laws in reference to firearms restrictions, then the state(s) are required to follow suit by establishing similar laws or restriction, on the other hand, while some states have enacted laws that govern the use of medical marijuana, the federal government has not and is not required to adhere or follow suit with there own laws of this type. Though the federal government’s power is restricted within state jurisdiction, if the importance of policy affects the nation, then the federal government’s authority will supersede the authority of the state. Policies, whether federal or state government established, must proceed through the same set of steps to become a recognized law. The first step of this process is the identification of a specified problem, this will decide the need for the policy, and this may be done by researching high profile or necessary problems by means of the public thus forcing the governments to act more swiftly in finding a solution....
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