Federal Paper 10 and 51

Topics: Democracy, United States Constitution, Federalist Papers Pages: 5 (1842 words) Published: February 9, 2011
The federalist papers written by James Madison, proposes logical suggestions for the creation of a government, that fits the need of the nation. Federalist paper 10 primarily concerns with the harmful effects of factions.(Madison James,”The federalist no.10” .1787, A21)A faction is a group with a distinct political interests.(Wilson, James Q. and Dilulio, John J. “the essentials American Government, institutions and policies”, 12th edition, page 32) Factions can be compromised by a majority or minority of people, aiming for a common goal. Hence, factions must be controlled, since the goal might be contrary to the interests of other people, thereby affecting their individual liberties. Factions cause instability in the government. There are two possible solutions suggested in the federalist paper by Madison. This can be done by removing the causes or controlling the effects created by factions. It is mentioned that “liberty is to faction as air is to fire”. The above solutions serve to be rather impractical because each individual opinions, tend to be different from one another, and under no circumstances would everyone have the same opinion. The distribution of land can be the one of the major reasons for the opinion differences during the time, because it puts people into different classes. Factions are an inherent part of human nature. Madison suggested the existence of a large republic over smaller democratic groups was the best possible solution against fractions. In smaller groups, differences in public opinions would be lesser. Hence, the formation of a tyrannical majority would be easier compared to the larger republic. Individuals in a larger republic would be entitled to different opinions, so an individual interest would not gain much prominence. This would serve to be the proper way to function a democratic government. Hence a republic government, (according to Madison) would be the best possible solution against factions, which are unavoidable due to the conflicting public opinions. Individual interests can corrupt judgment. Legislative acts are the decisions emphasizing the rights of a group of people. These acts were influenced, and are still being influenced by factions at times.( Madison James,”The federalist no.10” .1787, A21,A22,A23,A24,A25) Even in a republic, there could be majority factions. They could be prevented by demolishing the negative interests and passions of the group. The majority not be able to perform tyrannical actions. It is the right of the government to protect the liberties of its' citizens. If the desire and opportunity coincide then neither religious nor moral values will control the plans of oppression. Hence, a purely democratic party will not be the solution against factions. The majority opinions shall be favored, there will be oppressions of the rights of minorities. In addition to this, the size of such a party would be limited. A larger republican government can have a greater territory, electing delegates protecting the common interest of the people, thereby preventing the influence of factions. In this form of representative democracy, people have a wider range of options regarding the selection of candidates. There would be a greater number of political parties. So it will would be hard for one party to overcome the others, and impose oppressive plans. Hence, according to Madison, a larger republic government would be a better form of government, which would minimize the effects of a national government. The formation of a national government is strongly suggested here, instead of the 13 states making decisions of their own. The federalist paper 10, thus has a strong important influence in the concept of our national federal government.( Madison James,”The federalist no.10” .1787, A21,A22,A23,A24,A25) The federalist paper 51 proposes the idea for the separation of the different powers of the government. The...
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