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The federal government has slowly been gaining power since this country was started. The country’s power used to be more focused on the individual states, this ensured that citizens could reach their governments more easily. With the majority of power under the states control it created a more flexible government, this allowed the states to govern accordingly and to fix any unique problems they could be having. I think that today’s federal government has too much power. Rick Perry (1) has argued that the federal government does have to much power over things like food safety, minimum wages, bans on child labor, environmental protection and Medicare, along with many others. These things are what the states need to have more individual control over, in turn it would help our country to adapt better to certain things. It makes much more sense to give the states more power because each is different and has a different set of problems and it takes more than a new law or policy to fix them. In an article written by Peter Roff (2) he states that, “ “Americans overall,” Rasmussen (a pollster) said, " 64% of Americans tend to trust governments closer to home rather than the federal government and worry that the team in D.C. has too much influence over state governments.”. I think this is true and the poll results don’t surprise me because most people usually feel that the leaders in the state capitol can relate to their problems better than our leaders so far away in D.C.. But if the power was given to the states people would be able to easily get a hold of someone who can hear their concern and help them. Government would be much more accessible and citizens might feel like what they can do will count in the long run. In California there are current issues between the Federal gov. and the State gov. which include the legalization of marijuana. The Federal law states that marijuana is illegal in the U.S., but the California State law has allowed...
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