Federal Food and Drug Act

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  • Published : November 29, 2008
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Federal Food and Drug Act of 1906 Timothy J. Ash Mount Vernon Nazarene University BBA008MF Principles of Marketing November 4, 2008 History of the Food and Drug Administration The drug portion of the FDA was necessary to ensure that the drugs and medicinal components being shipped in from other countries were to the standards of the American Medical Association. There were no controls over the substances being imported for medical use to ensure the purity and “freshness”. As a result, “US soldiers in the occupation of Mexico suffered from inadequate medication for malaria” (Janssen 1981). Although there is no longer an association of the FDA and the American Medical Association, the work they began lead to sweeping changes in the furtherance of US medicine. About this same time the great traveling medicine men were traveling the country selling their cure all elixirs. Many of these magical potions contained cocaine, heroin and opium. Because there were no regulations or labeling laws, consumers had no idea what they were ingesting. As a result persistent users became very addicted to the “special” ingredients in the elixirs. The snake oil sales men promised pain relief and miracle cures, the partakers were most likely so high they could not feel any pain. Provisions of the Food and Drug Act of 1906 The first five sections of the Food and Drug Act of 1906, deals with the labeling and adulteration of foods and drugs. The second section prohibits any food or drug that has been adulterated or mislabeled from being sold. The third section establishes the federal government’s authority to develop uniform rules and regulations for the Food and Drug Act. Section four lies out who and when food and drugs will be tested and by whom. The fifth section appoints the attorney general as the responsible party to bring prosecution against violators. Sections six indentifies what will be deemed as a drug, while sections seven and eight go into detail about food and...
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