Federal Class Action Child Custody

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Canada Family Law Reform

Weekly Newsletters

Goal – Unite non-custodial parents for Class Action lawsuits in Canada, US, UK, Australia, S.A.

Website and Social Media

Show discrimination by courts and legal community, schools, etc against non-custodial parents and therefore children Imputation of salaries
Child support and enforcement
It is a human rights violation – why – shows discrimination against natural selection of parents – shows discrimination against children denying them equal access to both parents In my case – school, court, community

Legal profession created a norm whereby non-custodial parents are discriminated against and custodial parents are deferred to ….imbalance Only entities who benefits are the legal profession and court systems Show data/stats on what lawyers earn from family litigation

Show data/stats on what court experts earn from family litigation My case – write to England and inform her of Views of the Child and Hear the Child and exhorbitant/prohibitory costs which preclude Sofia from access to justice Contact nick davies for affidavit sworn – davin

Write affidavit showing prejudice, preclusion of access to justice for sofia and I through selection of England and prohibitory costs of examination of evidence. Make this more affordable
Complaint – human rights tribunal and Canadian judicial council Take Davie’s decision to Court of Appeal and Supreme Court

Federal Class Action against Attorney General of Canada – non custodial parents

Distribute social media newsletters to:

The Law Society of Upper Canada Complaint Form

Canadian Judical Council Complaint Form

Ontario Judicial Council Complaint Info

Ombudsman (Ontario)

Canadian Registry for Public Accountability

Community Certified Lawyer Referral Program - Registering a complaint against a lawyer http://www.canadacourtwatch.com/fjrc/lawyercomplaint.html

Premier of Ontario

Ministry of the Attorney General: If your issue has to do with lawyer complaints, responses from the Law Society, court services staff, please write a brief letter(precedent letter attached) voicing your concerns to:

Hon John Gerretsen - attorneygeneral@ontario.ca
Ministry of the Attorney General, 11th Floor 720 Bay Street, Toronto, Ontario M5G 2K1
Tel: 416-326-2220 Fax: 416-326-4007
Toll Free: 1-800-518-7901 TTY: 416-326-4012

Ministry of Community and Social Services: If you issue has to do with support payments, garnishments, overbearing enforcement, wrongful enforcement, and other issues surrounding the Family Responsibility Office, please write a brief letter(precedent letter attached) voicing your concerns and outlining your situation to:

Honourable John Milloy - jmilloy.mpp@liberal.ola.org
Ministry of Community and Social Services, 6th Floor, Hepburn Block, 80 Grosvenor Street, Toronto, Ontario M7A 1E9
Tel: 416-325-5225 Fax: 416-325-5191

It is also a good idea to CC: any of your letters to the following individuals below. It is only through constant persistence that our voices will be heard. Also include your own MPP.

Steven Harper, Prime Minister of Canada, by email at: pm@pm.gc.ca David Johnston, Govenor General of Canada, by email at: info@gg.ca Rob Nicholson, Department of Justice, by email at: nicholson.r@parl.gc.ca Dalton McGuinty, Premier of Ontario, by email at: dmcguinty.mpp.co@liberal.ola.org John Gerretsen, Attorney General, by email at: attorneygeneral@ontario.ca Andre Marin, Ombudsman Ontario, by email at: info@ombudsman.on.ca Andrea Horwath, Leader Ontario NDP Party, by email at: ahorwath-co@ndp.on.ca Tim Hudak, Leader Ontario PC Party, by email...
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