Feddralist vs Antifederalist

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  • Published: May 5, 2014
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Federalists vs. Anti Federalists
The creation of the Constitution took hours of debate and took even longer for a compromise, but when it was finally completed, there where still several people who were unhappy with it. The task of fixing the Confederate government was not complete yet; each state had to ratify, or approve, the Constitution. In a reversal of logic and contemporary usage, the nationalists who supported the new constitution took for themselves the respected name of federalists. They gave their opponents the negative sounding term anti federalist. The federalist then used their ties to influential leaders to wage a media war for public support. (Pg. 210) Basically, this resulted in the division of two groups the Federalists and the Anti-Federalists. Each of the group’s viewpoints was worth examining, as they both had good reasoning.

Federalists, as a rule, were people who wanted a strong central government. Federalists Leaders included George Washington, James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, John Adams, and Benjamin Franklin etc. They believed that the government must resist the passions of the general public and one of the government's prime functions was to maintain order. The Federalists tended to place their faith in the talents of a small governing elite. Federalist tend to be people who were landowners, business people, bankers etc., and they usually favored the government attempts to protect Americas industry, which was the tariff act of 1789 that raised revenue for new government by placing tariff on foreign goods and encouraging domestic production. The federalist also believed the idea of separation of powers into three independent branches to protect the rights of the people, so therefore there was no need of the Bill of Rights. Each branch represented a different aspect of the people, and because all three branches are equal, no one group can assume control over another. Overall, the Federalists were more organized in their efforts...
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