Feauture Article Year 11 - Australian Bush Poetry Henry Lawson, Banjo Paterson and Jack Davis

Topics: Indigenous Australians, Poetry, Oggy Oggy Oggy Pages: 3 (1085 words) Published: July 27, 2012
Connecting back to our Great Grandparents through Oz’s articulate poets of Australian history. Aussie Aussie Aussie, oi oi oi! Dalena Angelique Le investigates. To many, bush poetry may be a bore but citizens of Australia dating back to the very first settlement, beg to differ. Most of Australia’s population have some sort of poetry running through their veins. Bush poets Henry Lawson, Jack Davis and Banjo Paterson have helped construct new realities of Australia personally through their own distinctive style of writing. With the same passion for Australia and its people, respectively these poets have brought a broader sense of knowledge to the craniums of folks around our nation. So how do outsiders see our country? Does Australia lack culture? Arguably, many will say that Australia is a new born country so therefore it must be undeveloped and green.

However, Banjo Paterson challenges this concept when he combats Henry Lawson, in their bantered Bulletin debate. In writing “Up the Country”, Lawson initiated dispute between himself and Paterson, sparking public speculation and community empathy.

Every one of you have something that you all value, May it be people or objects. More often than not when that valued possession is undergoing some form of confrontation, we most probably will get defensive. We’re not the only ones. Banjo Paterson and Jack Davis have both composed poems defending that valued possession. Paterson’s poem “In Defence of the Bush” as it suggests is defending our home country. When Henry Lawson writes a poem victimizing

Australia, Banjo gets a little upset because he feels as though he is being picked on. How would you feel if somebody made a negative remark against what you love? You could imagine he would feel offended. As a way to channel how he felt, Banjo Paterson decided to put pen to paper a response to Lawson’s “Up the Country”. Paterson claims in his poem that Lawson would be “better suited drinking lemon-squash in...
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