Features of a Smartphone

Topics: IPhone, Mobile phone, Smartphone Pages: 2 (420 words) Published: October 24, 2011
1. Features of a smartphone:
* touchscreen
* Options for music, videos, voice notes etc.
* Wireless technology
* Gives us the opportunity to change the screen content
* Soft keyboard
* Gives us the ability to stay connected to the internet
* Games
* Unique design (slim, with no buttons to type)
* We can download free programs
* Battery life is better
* Software that can let us cut and paste texts

* The I-phone has a lot of competitors these days, but it’s range of features are so unique, that no other cellphone can reach that limit. The T-Mobil’s G1 smartphone tried to improve it’s product, by giving it some features that are similar to the I-Phone’s feature, like the slide-out keyboard, but it still lost the design features that the I-Phone has. Most of the other cellphones loose these features too. So, for us to benefit from these cellphones as we benefit from the I-Phone, we should add a GPS navigator, Walkman, extra batteries, Wi-Fi connection and a lot more of other features.

2. The 3G S I-Phone, has a lot of additional features than the older version, which would make the consumer demand it. * As it lets the people download free programs for their daily life. * It has a more professional camera of a three megapixel focus. * Its battery life is much better, especially when using Wi-Fi networks * Enough capacity to record huge amount of videos, unlike the other cellphones. * Program which controls the speeches.

* Gives us the opportunity to choose wether to have the screen keyboard, or not. * Software to cut and paste texts anywhere on the phone.
* These additional features rescued the I-Phone from losing in this competition, as they improved its performance. 3. As the technology is improving day by day, these smartphones are helping each one of us on this planet. They make everything easier for us, as everything we want or like is being joined up into one device. The...
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