Features of Rural Markets

Topics: City, Rural area, Rural economics Pages: 3 (802 words) Published: January 23, 2011
Features of Indian Rural Markets

*Large and Scattered market:
The rural market of India is large and scattered in the sense that it consists of over 63 crore consumers from 5,70,000 villages spread throughout the country. *Major income from agriculture:
Nearly 60 % of the rural income is from agriculture. Hence rural prosperity is tied with agricultural prosperity. *Low standard of living:
The consumer in the village area do have a low standard of living because of low literacy, low per capita income, social backwardness, low savings, etc. *Traditional Outlook:
The rural consumer values old customs and tradition. They do not prefer changes. *Diverse socio-economic backwardness:
Rural consumers have diverse socio-economic backwardness. This is different in different parts of the country. *Infrastructure Facilities:
The Infrastructure Facilities like roads, warehouses, communication system, financial facilities are inadequate in rural areas. Hence physical distribution becomes costly due to inadequate Infrastructure facilities.

The rural bazaar is booming beyond everyone’s expectation. This has been primarily attributed to a spurt in the purchasing capacity of farmers now enjoying an increasing marketable surplus of farm produce. In addition, an estimated induction of Rs 140 billion in the rural sector through the government’s rural development schemes in the Seventh Plan and about Rs 300 billion in the Eighth Plan is also believed to have significantly contributed to the rapid growth in demand. The high incomes combined with low cost of living in the villages have meant more money to spend. And with the market providing them options, tastes are also changing.

Problems in the Booming Rural Marketing

Although the rural market does offer a vast untapped potential, it should also be recognized that it is not that easy to operate in rural market because of several problems. Rural marketing is thus a time consuming affair and requires considerable...
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