Features of Iphone 4s

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  • Published : March 3, 2013
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Features of iPhone 4S

On the day iPhone 4S appeared on the market, Apple marketing SVP Phill Schiller explained the features of new iPhone. Phill said that Apple is now competing the quality of many great point shoot cameras instead of just making better than other phone. The phone is brandly new, within lots of new technologies and functions. For example, there are new chips inserted which are used at iPad2 , longer battery life and shorter downloading time. For the purpose to make everyone wants to buy iPhone , which its picture has as great quality as normal cameras do. Apple made many efforts to improve its quality. For the most of all, Apple increase the pixels by forming a new function called backside Illumination, which can make photos much richer colors and much better light performance. The other new function is that Apple inserted an iPad chip in iPhone, Which can help solve many problems. For example, they solve the problem which cause by the video camera that is now getting much smaller and makes it hard to hold still. Luckily ended up in video image stabilization by using the so-called A5 chips now. Through the improvement and progresses of technology, iPhone is now much more convenience to users all around the world. IPhone is sure to be the best phone now and ever, but it’s also important to mension that, they are not terminal. Instead, Apple company is now sure to be constantly working and improving. Expected one day in the future, there is a product introduction for iPhone5!
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