Feature Article on Aussie Stereo Types

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  • Published : April 28, 2013
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Ben Dansie explores how Australian made movies present false perceptions of Australian men. Have you ever watched an Australian made film and thought that you haven’t seen Australians behaving like that? Or you are not the typical Aussie Bloke being portrayed in the movie. In the movie Red Dog, a kelpie named Red, united and linked the community of an Australia outback mining town together. And, in uniting this small mining town also finds his true owner. In “Red Dog”, Australian blokes are represented as uncouth, rough but always ready to help. They are also portrayed as dirty, obsessed with women, always drunk and non-communicative. They don’t talk about their emotions, they like a good fight and will fight for what they believe is right. They can be uneducated and they don’t respect authority. Australian men have been hardened from the harshness of our land. From the first convicts in 1788 who had to work hard and through the era of the bushrangers who always hated authority.

The typical Aussie bloke with his slang.
The typical Aussie bloke with his slang.

Peeto from Red Dog shows how not all men fit into the typical Australian bloke, stereotypes but He is always ready for a fight, rough and dirty he gets caught knitting and listening to jazz music while babysitting Red. Red Dog however, has not been the first and will definitely not be the last movie to represent Aussie blokes in this type of stereotype. Another Australian movie that represents Aussie blokes like this is “Crocodile Dundee”. It’s a story about a lovable Australian larrikin, Michael J. “Crocodile” Dundee who is a crocodile poacher. He was attacked by a crocodile, and survived. He was asked to show a New York reporter how he did so. In this movie Australian men are presented as fun loving, outgoing and courageous. However, Aussie Blokes do not walk around Australia acting like “Crocodile” Dundee. In my travelling around the Australian outback, I did not come across any people like...
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