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  • Published : April 27, 2013
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Only just turning twenty, in December last year, Miley’s image is now a long haul away from her early teenage identity, thanks to the media beasts that bombarded her on the way to adulthood. All too soon, the gossip columns, controversial headlines and emulated photographs twisted Miley’s path from the scrubbed cheeks of a sweet tween starlet, to that of a bad-behaved wench. Several scandals later, Miley still remains as one of the hottest topics in Hollywood news, with her newly announced engagement, and upcoming album. But, the hottest headlines splashed across every entertainment blog present supposedly self-uploaded pictures of the star smoking joints. With the press quick to point the finger, Miley is under a lurid light once again, and all because it pieces too perfectly with the so-called ‘rebellious’ persona the media has tailored her to. We’ve all been through that awkward phase of puberty, but few have had to do it in front of a world audience. Miley Cyrus isn’t the first, nor the last, to make this murky transition, and like the iconic stars before her (Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake and Christina Aguilera) she is living proof that adolescence in the spotlight isn’t as easy as a ‘swish and flick’ from a fairy godmother’s wand. Too often the media portrayed Miley as a wild and provocative teenager that acted too sexual for her age. From being slammed for showing her bare back in a magazine photo shoot, to her raunchy videos released in 2008 (from her seventh studio album “Can’t Be Tamed”) it seems that Miley is too deserving of the title Worst Celebrity Role Model for girls, according to online polls. But, little do people know that this is the work of the wicked witches and warlocks of the media, lurking in the shadows in search for the grimy details on Miley. | 13

| 13

Scheming to keep quiet about what context she had to grow up in, and the positive influences it has had on her...
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