Feature and Column Writing

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Feature writing
Every genre or kind of journalistic writing is a specialised one but it is also done by the novices, definitely checked by the professionals or specialists. Introduction
Any piece or writing that falls between the cut-and-dry news story on the one hand, and a fictionalized story or opinionated essay on the other hand can be a feature. When we say that Cut-and-dry news story, it means two things – first based on facts, and secondly, separated from the original stories, that is cut, and dry means something already known and discussed. Simultaneously, it is also a product of factual reporting to which the writer adds story elements of imaginative writing and various interpretation reaching to extent of one’s own point of view, may be altogether different from others. However, it is also similar to a news story in which it gives the readers facts in an interesting form and manner. Facts collaborated with study, research, and interviews of the experts on that particular subject and of people either benefiting or getting adversely affected. It aims to instruct, guide and entertain the readers who know about the subject as well as those who do not know. Apart from being news stories, both soft and hard, features are investigative primarily based on in-depth studies. Its subject can be anything: places, a community, a farm, a business, education, science, economy, religion, philosophy; events, parades, programmes, concerts; people-well known or unknown animals- unusual or ordinary; objects of art or product. Succinctly features can be anything or everything on which one wishes to write. Definition

A feature is a creative, sometimes subjective article, designed primarily to entertain and inform readers about an event, a situation or an aspect of society or life. It is a complete portrayal of the subject being discussed. What does mean by complete portrayal – covering all possible aspects from all possible angles Explanation of the definition Creativity

Unlike news story, feature writing allows a reporter to create a story virtually at will. Although still bound by the ethics of accuracy, fiction is categorically banned. A reporter can conjure a feature story in his mind and, after researching the idea, writes it. Subjectivity

Some feature stories are written in the first person using “I” and “we”; thus allowing the reporter to inject his own emotions and thoughts. The inclusion of writer’s emotions and feelings makes the feature story subjective. The use of first person in feature writing is allowed but only when there is no alternative. Informative

A feature story lacks hard news values, but must inform public about a situation or an aspect of life, which has not been reported in hard news stories. It goes beyond bare facts by amplifying them with study, research and interviews in order to instruct and guide the readers. News story presents bare facts, while a feature dramatises and supplements them by giving detailed information. It covers causes and background of the story. Entertainment

All necessary information in detailed form with relevant photographs is collected, which provide entertainment to the readers. Unperishable
While news stories are highly perishable, feature stories may be kept for days, weeks, or months. Many smaller newspapers try to store feature stories, because the media men know that the value of the feature story will not diminish with time. A news story is hurriedly written while a feature story seldom has to meet a steep deadline. Since, deadline pressure is not there like that of a daily reporter, so a reporter can take sufficient time to write a feature and rewrite and improve it as much as necessary to get the best quality. Hence Features….

• Are factual, and require reporting.
• May or may not be timely. If they are timely and related to a current news event, they are likely to appeal more to readers. • May be written in any form and...
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