Feasibility Study Technical Aspect

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Feasibility Study
Technical Aspect
This study discusses about the process of production and activities of the store. It states also the machineries and equipments used inside the store and other aspects regarding the bringing of the raw materials into the finished product ready to sell. Building layout, size and production schedule are all presented for the purpose of identifying the business operation. Also, product specifications, the list of machineries, tools and equipment are enumerated with their corresponding cost, and the raw materials are cited.

VIII. The Facilities

| Female and male Restroom| This place is for the staff or customers to use for urinals. The male and female restrooms have the same design. | | Waiting Area| Waiting area is for customers who are waiting for their products or for customers who orders who need to wait. | | Counter| This is where the customers purchase the products they want to buy. The counter is composed of two cash register and baskets filled with flyers, brochures or pamphlets.| | Pet food stands| you can see this pet food stand for the bird feeds.| | Pet food racks| You can see the three pet food stalls where you can choose various pet foods for dogs, cats, fish or farm animals.| | Storage Room| this is where the stocks are located. |

IX. Furnitures and Fixtures
Name| Quantity| Total Cost| Supplier|
Glass Table| 1| 3000| SM Appliance|
Round Sofa| 1| 5000| SM Appliance|
Racks| 5| 6000| Ace Hardware|
Toilet| 2| 9000| SM Appliance|
Sink| 2| 5000| SM Appliance|
Mirror| 2| 1000| SM Appliance|
TOTAL:P29 000
Equipment and machineries
Name| Quantity| Total Cost| Supplier|
Aircon| 2| 40 000| Abenson|
Electric Fan| 2| 2500| Abenson|
Computer| 1| 30 000| Abenson|
Cash Register| 2| 50 000| Abenson|
Radio| 1| 1500| Abenson|
TOTAL:P124 000

X. Office Supplies
Name| Quantity | Cost|
Ballpens| 1 box...
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