Feasibility Study Report on Sugar Cane Juice

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Feasibility Study Report on Sugar Cane Juice

Executive Summary

Sugar Cane Juice Factory is one of the best industries for getting foreign earning in the short run. Basically sugar cane factory is a cottage industry but now it turning in to big industry. Because of its properties, facilities it is now gaining more and more interest of the world wide. The demand of sugar cane juice is increasing world wide. So, to meet the demand of foreign market, exporting firms are producing more sugar cane juice in new packets and bottles. More over the demand is increasing day by day. To comply with the academic requirement of Marketing Management Bus– 315, Manarat International University Bangladesh. We are assigned to design a business report on sugar cane juice factory. At first we have taken a side of background of juice factory which is contributing the national earning by export. A particle observation was conducted to make the ‘sugar cane juice factory’ market demand through technical and financial aspects of proposed project. We have analyzed the projects profitability by four techniques namely NPV and playback period. All the techniques support the project. We have also analyzed the social east benefit aspects. It hoped that the project will contribute our national economy.


Matters| Pages|
1. Project background and history| |
2. Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats Analysis (SWOT)| | 3. Market and Demand Analysis| |
4. Technical Analysis| |
5. Financial and Economic Evaluation| |
6. Drinks based on sugarcane juice| |
7. Social Cost Benefit Analysis| |
8. Be Extremely Careful for Sugarcane Juice taking from open place:|
9. Conclusion| |

1. Project background and history

Making hygienic and fresh bottled juice from sugarcane is what the project is all about. It is predominantly a raw-material oriented project having both domestic and export market orientation. This type of industry is considered to belong to the cottage industry of a country. And a LDC (Least developed country) like Bangladesh, cottage industry like this one can be just the right one to fit into the framework of the economic conditions and the general industrial development of the country. Initially the Industrial Policy of 1973 of Bangladesh emphasized on the development of small and medium scale industries so that it has distribution equity. Later the NIP-82 and other policies only deepened this strategy under SAF (Structural Adjustment Facility) and ESAF (Enhanced Structural Adjustment Facility) in the following form:

Table: 1
Industrial Tariff %(both on input and output)|
Domestic Industry| Export oriented Industry|
5%| 0%|

And since this is a new product in our country, it has a great opportunity to prosper. 1.1 The amazing sugarcane plant
Sugarcane is a giant tropical grass. It belongs to a family of grasses containing some 5000 species including barley, wheat, maize, rice and sorghum. It can trap the sun’s energy and convert it into sucrose (sugar) more effectively than other crop. Sugar is made in the plant’s leaves by a natural process called photosynthesis. 1.2 The perfect climate for sugarcane

Sugarcane prefers warm sunny weather, freedom from frost, well-drained soil and at least 1500 mm of rain or irrigation a year. This makes it highly suitable for the sub-tropical climate, which prevails on the coastal plains and river valleys along Queensland’s eastern coastline. Fine, relatively cool weather, immediately before harvesting, retards plant growth and increases sugar content.

2. Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats Analysis (SWOT) 2.1 Strengths:
1. Availability of raw material that is plenty of sugarcane, 2. Domestic as well as foreign sources of supply,
3. Very simple technology is used,
4. Availability of fund,

2.2 Weaknesses:
1. It is difficult to preserve both the sugarcane...
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