Feasibility Study Reflection

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  • Published : June 27, 2012
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Karrah Kshatria B. Seronay

Feasibility Study was the latest trending topic of the Junior Business Administration students of Xavier University. The letters F and S were one of the most spoken letters in the past few weeks. Status of friends in Facebook and tweets in Twitter were all about FS. FS is not just a mere research paper. It’s like an investment; you put something to get a good return. Just when you write your feasibility study, you give your time, money, patience and skills in order to get a good grade.

Choosing a product was very time-consuming as well as choosing the target market. And that’s just the start of everything. We tried to do different products and usually end up with rejections. We did a lot of experiments may it be on food or non-food. We explored different skills, from sewing a bag and purse, to cooking foods that first time crossed our minds. There was a regular outflow of money to be able to finance the raw materials of the early products. Until we got advice from a teacher that we should first scan the market and identify their needs. This was a good step in arriving at our final product, spaghetti. I think we changed products five times already until we came to think of spaghetti.

Finally! We had our product! The next was the fieldwork. Conducting the observation was at first stressful because we did not expect that there will be a lot of students who will buy in the canteen. The next few days, we were able to adjust and decided to do techniques on how to effectively list the number of purchases. When we also did the Focus group interview, we did not expect the kids to be cooperative and we were overwhelmed by their response. Students were flocking on us when we said that we’ll be having a free taste. It was a nice experience because we were able to meet the students and in a way, befriend them. They would call us ate and even teacher and it was a nice feeling to become close with them even for only a matter of hours....
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