Feasibility Study on Organic Fertilizer

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Philippine has been noted to be an agricultural country for the past years and has continually encouraging the appreciation for agricultural economy. Agricultural economy includes the production of healthy foods of which the government gave emphasis through organic fertilizer. Organic fertilizer performs a huge role in the efficiency and effectiveness in the production of food products in the country thus the government continuously finds ways to boost the organic fertilizer production in the country. Recently, the government agricultural sector found a new way of producing organic fertilizer at less cost and reducing the pollution potential of organic wastes. This new process is called vermicomposting.

Vermicomposting is a method which involves the action of worm as its main force in decomposting the organic wastes. These organic wastes then become into organic fertilizer. The organic fertilizer makes the soil fertile in the natural way thus causing no damage in its natural composition but instead adding nutrients to it as well as maintaining its neutral potential hydrogen(pH). This process provides a means of helping the environment as well as providing the farmers with lesser cost of fertilizer especially in today’s economic condition.

Today’s happening shows that most farmers have relied on inorganic fertilizer despite its being costly and gradual harmful effect on the soil. It is because of its being well advertised and its fast effect on the plant’s growth. By having the vermicomposting, the agricultural sector expects to find ways of helping the farmers as well as maintaining the nutrients of the soil.

Having the lands with large production of food and other products, vermicasting has been seen as a great help in boosting the income as well as the environmental condition of the inhabitants of Mabinay Negros Oriental. Currently, many barangays, municipalities and cities in the province of Negros Oriental started to conduct vermi culture project because it opens new possibilities to the farmers of engaging to new methods of farming without causing damage to the soil and still gaining enough to support one’s needs. With its many benefits to the society, vermin culture could be one step in attaining economic alleviation of our poor farmers as well to our country through agriculture.

Review of Related Literature
In order for the plant to grow and thrive, it needs a number of different chemical elements. That is the goal of the fertilizer. Fertilizer is a material added to the soil to provide plant nutrients. It increase crop yields and, when used properly, added to the efficiency of farming and gardening (The New Webster’s International Encyclopedia, vol. 3, p.382). If there is no fertilizer addition to the plant, the plant simply decreases its growth rate because there are no other source of nutrients which can boast them, aside from nutrients from soil.

Here are some effects of using fertilizers: 1) fertilizer application increases crop yield up to 60 percent on lands unable to supply the necessary nutrients for intensive agriculture, according to a long term study carried out by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) Fertilizer Programme; 2) improper use of phosphorous-containing fertilizer can cause agal blooms in aquatic habitats, resulting in plant and fish kills; 3) slow release fertilizers can minimize environmental impacts limiting the amount of soluble nitrogen available at any given time; 4) a University of Winsconsin study found that nitrate fertilizers, when used with pesticides, can cause immune and nervous system conditions; and 5) even natural fertilizers such as manure carry potential environmental risks from altered water chemistry and release bacteria of aquatic resources. (http://www.ehow.com)

Conventionally, fertilizers are classified into two general categories. First, the inorganic...
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