Feasibility Study on an Internet Cafe Business

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  • Published : March 21, 2010
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Why Internet Cafe is still a good business In the Philippines An icafebusiness.com special documentation
March 26, 2009: Yahoo-Nielsen Study on Urban Philippines Internet users: Key Highlights The potential in setting up an Internet cafe business in the Philippines is huge. Access is low at only 9%. This means that only 7.8 million of the 87 million Filipinos have internet access. The other 91% or 79.2 million is a big market! What does this mean to you as an OFW or a Filipino immigrant? This kind of business may earn you extra money. Not many people can afford to buy their own PCs so they are turning to the Internet for information or to solve problems. Putting your business to capture them will set you apart from the rest. But be careful. The market is so huge that it is easy to fall into the pitfalls of failure. I used to think that it is as simple as buying computers and opening your I-cafe to users. It is better to prepare and see if this business fits you.

Identify Target Market
For Your Internet Cafe Business
Who comprise your target market - school children, high school or college students, girls, boys, office workers, parents? Each market has specific needs. For example, male students use the internet for research, but they also play online games. Knowing your market helps you decide on what services to offer. The Internet is not for surfing the net alone. Most I-cafe owners say online gaming makes up 70% of their businesses. The other 30% comes from surfing, chatting and emailing. How about scanning, printing, typing, CD/DVD burning services? Good location captures a bigger market. If you target students, being near the schools is ideal. But ask from your city/town hall on local laws about this. Otherwise, a place where your market has easy access to you has an advantage.

Source: http://www.overseas-filipinos.net/
Return of Investment (ROI)
Sample computation for an I-Cafe Negosyo:

Number of PCs: 10
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